Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone 2+

Cochlear’s next-generation Mini Microphone 2+ takes hearing in noise and over distance to a whole new level.

The original Mini Microphone was the most popular device in the Cochlear™ True Wireless™ range. By streaming speech directly to the Cochlear sound processor, it has helped people hold conversations in noisy places and hear clearly over distances. Best of all, it has given people the freedom to bring their passions to life, while staying connected.

Smaller and better

The next-generation Mini Microphone takes what was great about the original Mini Mic and makes it even better. Which means you can get on with living life to the fullest.

Benefits include...
  • Being able to go to noisy places like crowded restaurants and keep up with the conversation thanks to the new directional microphones.
  • Having the freedom to sit where you like in a meeting or at school thanks to the improved 25-metre range (with clear line of sight).
  • Enjoying the improved sound quality.
  • Making using the device easier for your friends/family members thanks to its smaller and size and design improvements.
  • Having the peace of mind that it will be there when you need it thanks to an average battery life of around 10 hours.

Mini Microphone 2+

  • Designed with peak performance in mind.
  • Flexibility for person-to-person and group communication.
  • Provides complete connectivity (FM, Telecoil, line-in jack).
  • Perfect for people who need to communicate with individuals and in groups.
  • Ideal for use at work or school.

Our unique sound demonstration tool lets you try each device for yourself, so you can hear the difference True Wireless can make in everyday situations. Try the Mini Microphone 2+ now.

You can purchase the True Wireless range from your clinic.

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Cochlear™ True Wireless™ range

The True Wireless range is compatible with the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor.

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