Nucleus® CP810 Sound Processor

Our smallest sound processor ever.

Cochlear Nucleus 5 recipient Natalie Dong

The Cochlear Nucleus® CP810 Sound Processor is our most advanced sound processor ever. It gives you or your child industry leading hearing performance in a stylish and sophisticated unit that's brimming with functions. It is tough, adaptable and ergonomically designed to fit ears of all sizes, comfortably and discreetly.

Sound processor features

1. Fits comfortably behind your ear. Discreet and designed to fit all ear sizes.

2. Two microphones for better quality sound and direction. Designed to capture sound from all around.

3. Adjusts to different hearing situations. Uses SmartSound™ technology to enhance the sounds you or your child want to hear.

4. Ready for future advances. Four digital signal chip processors are included, leaving you plenty of power and space for future upgrades.



Nucleus 5 sound processor in white


Experience the difference with the Nucleus® CP810 Sound Processor



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