Enjoy water with Aqua+

With the Cochlear Nucleus Aqua+ they won’t have to be a fish out of water.

Cochlear Nucleus Aqua+

The Aqua+ is a soft, flexible silicone sleeve that fits over a CP810 or CP900 series processor. When used with the Aqua+ Coil, your child can enjoy water activities where additional protection is needed.

A water protection rating of IP68 is your invitation to get wet without cumbersome cases or annoying cables – the Aqua+ sits comfortably on the ear and can be submerged under 3 metres of water for up to 2 hours.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use.

“It’s awesome”
The first time ten year old Ben was able to hear in the water using the Aqua+ was an emotional experience for his mum Karen. Click here for their story.
Aqua+ Recipient Kit - everything you need for your child to dive right in! To order, contact your local Cochlear customer service department.

Want to know more? Read the Nucleus Aqua + Frequently Asked Questions


Made for enjoying life

Cochlear's Nucleus 6 Sound Processor has an IP57 water rating

Every Nucleus 6 sound processor has a new water repellent nano-coating, making it more reliable around water than ever before.


Be confident in and around water*

Take a walk in the rain, splash around in the pool, soak in the bathtub, or even enjoy water aerobics – even without any additional protection, you can relax around water and be confident your Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 system will keep on working.

With an IP57 rating, no behind-the-ear worn processor is more water resistant than Cochlear Nucleus 6

Playing in the sprinkler

Play in the sprinkler

Splashing in the bath with the Nucleus 6 Cochlear Sound Processor

Soak in the bath

Playing sports with the Nucleus 6 Cochlear Implant

Play sports

Splashing in the pool with the Nucleus 6 Cochlear Sound Processor

Splash in the pool

Playing with the water hose with the Nucleus 6 Cochlear Implant

Play with the water hose

Walk in the rain with the Nucleus 6 Cochlear Sound Processor

Walk in the rain

You can exercise with the Nucleus 6 cochlear implant


Enjoy a water fight while wearing Cochlear's Nucleus 6 Sound Processor

Have a water balloon fight

*With rechargeable batteries and non-Hybrid configuration.

Waterproof options

For occasional waterproof needs like the family holiday, you can choose the Aqua Accessory – a simple solution for once in a while use.

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