Hearing stories from Cochlear implant recipients

  • Hear from Nucleus® 7 Recipients

    Hear what some of our recipients have to say about their experience with the Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor. Learn More

    Teens taking a selfie
  • Bob's story

    Bob said he didn’t know how good life would be after a cochlear implant. Read about the changes he’s noticed since treating his hearing loss. Learn More

    Cochlear implant recipient Bob Millar
  • Jude's story

    Jude was struck with sudden deafness in both ears just before his 50th birthday. Learn how a cochlear implant restored his ability to communicate with his friends, family and colleagues. Learn More

    Jude Demello - Cochlear implant recipient
  • Madison's story

    Madison has noticed lots of improvements since upgrading to a Nucleus® CP810 Sound Processor from a Freedom® device. Get her report on the lightweight fit, clear sound and useful accessories. Learn More

    Cochlear implant recipient Madison Smith
  • Marie's story

    Marie received her first cochlear implant when she was four years old, and her second at the age of ten. Learn how Marie has benefited from Cochlear’s evolving technology. Learn More

    Cochlear implant recipient Marie Crema
  • Natalie's story

    Natalie was born profoundly deaf and received bilateral cochlear implants at one year old. Learn from Natalie’s Dad how early treatment helped her to excel both academically and socially. Learn More

    Cochlear implant recipient Natalie Dong
  • Alexandra's story

    Alexandra was left profoundly deaf after an illness at the age of seven. Learn why Alexandra and her family believe bilateral cochlear implants turned her life around. Learn More

    Alexandra - young cochlear implant recipient