SmartSound iQ with SCAN

SmartSound iQ with SCAN automatically adapts to your environment.

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Cochlear's latest range of sound processors feature our most advanced sound management system - SmartSound iQ with SCAN technology. Without pressing any buttons, your Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor automatically adjusts to your environment - from work to school to home - so you can be confident that you're hearing your best wherever you are1.

SmartSound iQ with SCAN technology
SmartSound iQ - Speech in Noise Speech in noise: Have a conversation in noisy surroundings like a city street or a busy cafe.
SmartSound iQ - Speech Speech: Helps you hear speech more clearly, so you won't miss out on important information.
SmartSound iQ - Noise Noise: Hear comfortably in noisy situations, such as at a sports game, or while at the train station or airport.
SmartSound iQ - Wind Wind: Hear comfortably in windy conditions.
SmartSound iQ - Quiet Quiet: Appreciate soft sounds in quiet environments.
SmartSound iQ - Music Music: Enjoy listening to the music you love.


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