Excel at School

How Cochlear can help support your child in and out of the classroom.

The dual microphone technology only featured in the Nucleus® CP810 sound processor is designed to enable your child to hear the teacher’s voice more clearly and block out distracting background noise.

While flexible ‘set and go’ sound processor programs offer excellent solutions for many everyday listening situations, there are some hearing environments – like the classroom – that require additional signal processing technologies to optimise hearing performance in difficult listening environments.

Experience is showing that school children in classrooms that do not have access to FM technology, such as India, may be more able to focus on the teacher’s voice by using zoom directional technology.

Only available with the Cochlear Nucleus CP810 sound processor, the SmartSound Noise program uses dual omni-directional microphone technology that focusses in on the speaker in front while reducing background noise, giving your child their best competitive edge in the classroom yet.

For more information on how to help your child excel at school, visit our Excel at School section in Support.

Without Noise programmed.

With Noise programmed.