Hearing stories from Baha® recipients

  • Mafalda's story

    Mafalda was born completely deaf on her left side, and with a severe hearing loss in her right ear. In 2008, at 12 years of age, she received a Baha® bone conduction implant and has never looked back. Learn More

  • Arnold's story

    Sudden single-sided deafness left musician Arnold feeling lonely and disconnected from his passions. Discover how a Baha® implant restored his love of life. Learn More

    Baha user Arnold
  • Chloe's story

    Chloe was born with Down syndrome, and had hearing problems as a result of chronic ear infections (otitis media). Learn how a Baha® implant improved Chloe’s hearing and confidence. Learn More

    Baha user Chloe
  • Jesus' story

    Jesus suffered severe conductive hearing loss from a string of early childhood ear infections (otitis media). Learn why Jesus found the Baha® System life-changing after years of less effective treatments. Learn More

    Baha user Jesus
  • Quim's story

    Quim had conductive hearing loss from bilateral atresia/microtia. Find out why his mother is so glad the family introduced Quim to Baha® solutions from an early age. Learn More

    Baha user Quim
  • John's Story

    When John started losing his hearing in his late thirties, he thought his whole life and professional career were threatened. What would happen to him if he could no longer hear? How would he cope at work? How would his colleagues react to him wearing a Baha® sound processor? The road leading to his decision to have an implant was long, but now, three years later, he has no regrets at all. Learn More

    Baha user John
  • Malcom's Story

    It’s never too late to do something about your hearing loss – or get a bone conduction hearing solution. Just ask Malcolm Simon, who finally decided to have bilateral Baha® surgery at the ripe ‘old’ age Aof 80! His only regret? Not doing it sooner. Learn More

    Baha user Malcome