How True Wireless Accessories™ Work

Enjoy True Wireless Freedom – No Strings Attached

Cochlear hearing implants can connect you to a whole new world of sound through our true wireless accessories, without the need for bulky components or neck-worn loops. Utilizing the same 2.4 GHz wireless protocol that Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi devices depend on, Cochlear™ Wireless Accessories give you a clearer, secure connection without the interference and signal drops you might experience with traditional wireless systems. Cochlear is the first and only company to provide you with this true wireless freedom.

There are three wireless accessories to choose from that provide you with hassle-free solutions that bring you closer to sound and free you (and your hands) to focus less on hearing and more on what’s important: life. Cochlear True Wireless Accessories include the Mini Microphone, the Phone Clip and the TV Streamer.