Hearing stories from recipients

Cochlear recipients share their experiences about hearing loss and their hearing solutions.

  • Arnold's story

    Sudden single-sided deafness left musician Arnold feeling lonely and disconnected from his passions. Discover how a Baha® implant restored his love of life. Learn More

    Baha user Arnold
  • Bob's story

    Bob said he didn’t know how good life would be after a cochlear implant. Read about the changes he’s noticed since treating his hearing loss. Learn More

    Cochlear implant recipient Bob Millar
  • Jesus' story

    Jesus suffered severe conductive hearing loss from a string of early childhood ear infections (otitis media). Learn why Jesus found the Baha® life-changing after years of less effective treatments. Learn More

    Baha user Jesus
  • Jude's story

    Jude was struck with sudden deafness in both ears just before his 50th birthday. Learn how a cochlear implant restored his ability to communicate with his friends, family and colleagues. Learn More

    Jude Demello - Cochlear implant recipient