Getting upgraded

Our new Baha 4 Sound Processor offers many extra features to help you make the most of everyday life, as well as those special occasions that come along. The freedom of wireless connectivity and enhanced sound quality are just two of the improvements you’ll enjoy.

Baha user Tobias

Truly wireless – no strings attached

You can extend your hearing experience with a range of discreet Cochlear Wireless Accessories. Enjoy an easy-to-use, reliable connection for outstanding sound quality without the hindrance of neck-worn cords, dongles, cables or other equipment.

Imagine sitting at the far end of the table during a meeting and being able to hear what the presenter is saying. Or attending a concert and still being able to hear what your partner is whispering to you. Simply clip our new Cochlear Mini Microphone to the presenter or your partner and you can make it happen.

Or you may be out driving your car in busy traffic with the news blaring from the radio when your mobile phone rings. With our Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip, you can take the call hands-free by streaming it directly to your sound processor.

Then there are the easy-to-use buttons and large display on the Cochlear Baha Remote Control which allow you to quickly change the programs and settings of your sound processor without having to fiddle with its buttons or listen out for beeps amid background noise. With our latest generation remote control, you can also monitor battery status.

Upgrade now

As a Baha Divino™ or Baha BP100 Sound Processor user, you’ll enjoy a number of improvements by upgrading to the new Baha 4 Sound Processor:

  • Wireless functionality. Cochlear Wireless Accessories allow you stream sound from a range of audio sources such as a wearable microphone, your mobile phone, music player, TV or computer. Without any neck-worn cords or dongles, the Cochlear Baha 4 provides a truly wireless solution.
  • Simplified control. The handy Remote Control makes volume and setting adjustment easy and convenient. And with this latest generation, you can also monitor battery status. As a parent, you can be sure your child is always getting maximum benefit from their Baha system and, thanks to the remote control’s large buttons, people with dexterity problems won’t find it fiddly to make adjustments.
  • Better sound. A greater speech-to-noise reduction gives you better sound quality than ever before. Tests show that Baha BP100 users can expect a 40% improvement in sound quality. The BP100 already gives a 25% improvement for Baha Divino users, so they will enjoy an even bigger benefit from the Baha 4 sound processor. But you don’t have to take our word for it – 9 out of 10 BP100 users, for example, say they prefer the sound of the Baha 4 processor.
  • Less feedback. The Dual Track Feedback Manager works continuously in the background to automatically reduce feedback without you even knowing it. What you will notice is the complete absence of any whistling noise from your sound processor.
  • Automatic adjustments. The Scene Classifier scans your listening environment and automatically adjusts your settings to match. This gives you a sound signal that’s always clean, crisp and clear so you won’t miss out on what’s going on around you. As the noise environment changes, so do the settings, with smooth, seamless transitions you won’t even notice.
  • Customised settings. You can choose between four separate programs for specific situations. For instance, you can select a tailored outdoor program with wind noise reduction and another program for concerts or other special situations.
  • Protection from the elements. The Baha 4 Sound Processor is designed to work wherever you are and whenever you need it. Its dual-layer protection system and protective membranes repel moisture and reduce wind noise.
  • More colour options.There’s a wider range of sound processor body and battery door colours, giving you greater freedom to tailor the appearance of your sound processor to match your mood, clothing or personal taste.

Taking the next step

For more information about the new Baha 4 System and how to get it, simply contact your hearing care professional right now.

Lifetime commitment

When new technologies come along, Baha users have a distinct advantage - whether you were implanted 30 years ago or just yesterday. We are constantly working to develop new technologies to ensure that you have the best hearing opportunities possible throughout your lifetime. This is a commitment that the team at Cochlear makes to you:

  • as the global leader in hearing solutions
  • by investing more in research and development than any other hearing solutions company
  • through our collaboration program with leading hearing loss specialists around the world


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Please seek advice from your medical practitioner or health professional about treatments for hearing loss. They will be able to advise on a suitable solution for the hearing loss condition. All products should be used only as directed by your medical practitioner or health professional. 

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