Frequently asked questions | Aqua+

Answers to some frequently asked questions about Cochlear™ Nucleus® Aqua+.

  • What is the Aqua+?

    The Aqua+ is a soft, flexible silicone sleeve that fits over an existing Nucleus® CP810 or CP900 series (including Kanso CP950) and CP1000 processor. When used with the Aqua+ Coil, it allows CI recipients to participate in water activities where additional protection is needed.

  • Is the Aqua+ waterproof?

    Yes, The Aqua+ has achieved an IP68 ingress protection rating in 3 metres to still water for 2 hours.Cochlear also performed extensive "real life" testing to simulate bathing in soapy water and swimming in chlorinated or salt water.

  • Which processor(s) is it compatible with?

    The Aqua+ is designed to work with Nucleus7 (CP1000), Nucleus Kanso (CP950), Nucleus 6 (CP910 or CP920) processors and the Nucleus 5 CP810 processor with rechargeable batteries only.

  • Can I use my regular coil and coil cable with the Aqua+?

    No, the Aqua+ should only be used with the specified Aqua+ Coil. This integrated coil-cable is designed specifically for underwater swimming in all water types, while your standard coil and coil cable are not.

  • Why can't I use Zinc Air batteries?

    Zinc Air batteries require air to remain active and will not work inside the Aqua+ because the Aqua+ is air tight.

  • What do I need in order to use the Aqua+?

    The Aqua+ must be used with the Aqua+ Coil. The Aqua+ Recipient Kit comes with the Aqua+, Aqua+ Coil, Magnet, Mic Lock- Stirrup, Safely Line and Storage Case. New users must start with the Aqua+ Recipient Kit.

  • How do I purchase all this?

    The Aqua+ Recipient Kit is all you need to order if you are a first time user of the Aqua+. It contains everything you need to dive right in! If you need to replace individual parts, you can contact your local Cochlear customer service department.

  • How is the Aqua+ used?

    The user seals the sound processor inside the sleeve and attaches the specially designed Aqua+ Coil to the processor. It can then be worn behind the ear as normal. The Aqua+ is designed to be used without any retention devices. However, if vigorous activity is anticipated, it is recommended to use a retention device such as the Mic Lock - Stirrup provided in the kit.

  • Where can I use the Aqua+?

    The Aqua+ was designed to be used in any water based activity to a depth of 3 metres. Scuba diving is therefore not recommended as depths may exceed 3 metres.

  • Can the Aqua+ be used in all types of water?

    Yes, the Aqua+ can be used in soapy bath or shower water, chlorinated pools, partial salt water/chlorinated pools, salt water and fresh water.

  • Can the Aqua+ be used in a sauna?

    The Aqua+ has passed testing at 70 degrees centigrade at 95% humidity, however, the processor itself is not recommended for use in temperatures above 50 degrees centigrade. So check that the sauna does not exceed 50 degrees centigrade.

  • When should I replace the Aqua+ (sleeve)?

    Testing shows that the Aqua+ (the silicone sleeve) can be used around 50 times. This is an average under test conditions - some users may get many more uses depending on how they use it and how well they take care of it. You should inspect the Aqua+ sleeve for signs of wear or damage before and after each use. If water is detected inside the sleeve it is an indication of damage and it should be replaced.

  • Should I change my MAP settings to use the Aqua+?

    User testing subjects reported good hearing without changing any MAP or program settings. Some recipients may prefer a standard directional (or Everyday) program for use with the Aqua+. Your clinician can create a custom program for you if desired.

  • Is the Aqua+ recyclable?

    Because there are several parts of different materials integrated into the Aqua+, it is not possible to recycle.

  • What happens if the Aqua+ fails?

    In the unlikely event that a sealed Aqua+ fails, the processors intended for use with the Aqua+ have an ingress protection rating of IP57 which will be adequate protection if any leakage occurs. The sound processor warranty remains valid if a processor is damaged while used according to instructions with the Aqua+.

  • Can I wear the Aqua+ and Aqua+ Coil all day?

    The Aqua+ and Aqua+ Coil are designed and tested for periodic use in water. Cochlear does not recommend using the Aqua+ and Aqua+ Coil for extended periods.


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