Nucleus® Kanso® Sound Processor - the smart, simple and discreet hearing solution from Cochlear™.


About Nucleus Kanso

It's natural to want nothing but the best for your child. The Nucleus® Kanso Sound Processor is a simple yet smart sound processor that provides off-the-ear freedom - so your child can play, learn and connect to their world with more confidence.

What this means for your child



Exclusive technologies that optimise hearing in changing, challenging environments



Truly wireless solutions conveniently stream sound to the processor, no wires attached



Off-the-ear freedom and comfort from the smallest and lightest cochlear implant sound processor of its kind on the market1

DISCREET off-the-ear freedom

Designed for off-the-ear freedom and comfort, the Nucleus Kanso Sound Processor lets your child enjoy life with confidence.

It is the smallest and lightest off-the-ear cochlear implant sound processor available3. Your child may even forget they're wearing it.

SMART technologies

Featuring exclusive technology, the Nucleus Kanso Sound Processor is proven to deliver superior hearing performance, particularly in noisy situations2.

It's the world's only off-the-ear cochlear implant sound processor that uses two microphones3 to access sound from all around your child. Whether they're in the playground or at the park, they can hear their best no matter where sound is coming from. The Nucleus Kanso Sound Processor also features SmartSound® iQ with SCAN - the same technology as Cochlear's latest behind-the-ear sound processor, giving your child a comparable hearing experience4.

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SIMPLE solutions to wireless connectivity

The Nucleus Kanso Sound Processor is compatible with Cochlear™ True Wireless™ devices.

Because our accessories are truly wireless, your child can receive clearer sound with less interference, without worrying about neckloops or any extra wiring. They can enjoy watching TV, talking on the phone and hear sound and speech easily and wirelessly.


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Kanso is the discreet hearing solution like no other

Kanso, discover the joy of hearing

"Since having the Kanso, I feel a lot more confident. I'm not self-conscious and life is easy again. I love everything about it." – Alison V, adult Kanso recipient since 2015

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