Cochlear Awareness Network (CAN) - Cochlear™ India

The Cochlear Awareness Network (CAN) India consists of parents whose child hears with a cochlear implant and adults who use the technology themselves. They give their time on a voluntary basis to help others through the journey to better hearing. 

Because CAN volunteers have been through the hearing journey themselves, they understand first hand the emotional ups and downs you may be facing and can help by sharing their experiences and offering support. 

By contacting a CAN volunteer, you can: 

  • Gain a user’s perspective of what living with a cochlear implant or raising a child with one, is like 
  • Ask questions you may not feel comfortable in asking a hearing health professional 
  • Get answers to questions you feel only a recipient or parent would have a true appreciation of 
  • Have support and mentoring before, during and after getting a cochlear implant

CAN India volunteers share their own stories, offer support, and provide objective information to, anyone considering or getting a cochlear implant, their parents and other family members. If you are considering a cochlear implant for yourself or your child, you may find it helpful to speak with a CAN India mentor.