Read personal cochlear implant experiences from adults and children

Meet some of our Cochlear Family – people who have a Cochlear hearing solution.

  • Learn about Kushagra's journey post Cochlear implant surgery

    Gadget guru Kushagra thinks his iPad is cool, but he says his Nucleus® CP810 sound processor is even cooler. Learn More

  • Nabha

    Nabha's recent upgrade to Nucleus® CP810 has made hearing in noisy situations even easier for her. Learn More

  • Sonakshi

    Early identification of Sonakshi's hearing loss has allowed her to excel at school. Learn More

  • Jude

    Jude was struck with sudden deafness in both ears just before his 50th birthday. Learn how a cochlear implant restored his ability to communicate with his friends, family and colleagues. Learn More

    Jude Demello - Cochlear implant recipient
  • Isha

    Isha - a leader in the classroom - is happy with her top-of-the-class processor. Learn More