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(Interactive Masterclass for Professional Audiologists in Cochlear implant Technology)

IMPACT is a virtual certification course in Cochlear implant technology organised by Cochlear in collaboration with Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan), Mumbai. It covers various aspects of cochlear implant audiology through a series of video lectures and interactive sessions with renowned experts across India.

Eligibility criteria: Bachelor's/Master's degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

IMPACT 5.0 will commence from October 20, 2023. Read the programme content and register yourself to get priority communication on upcoming batch schedule & enrollment.



IMPACT Programme modules (October 2023 to March 2024)

Topic 1: Evolving models of NBHS

  • Best practices in NBHS
  • Evolving models in the Indian context

Topic 2: Best practices for NBHS

  • All about screening – Who, Where, When and How
  • How to follow-up

Topic 3: Driving change in NBHS

  • Direction for NBHS
  • Need for a public health approach to drive change in India

Topic 4: Candidacy and assessment – Paediatrics

  • Candidacy criteria
  • Potential benefits & selection process
  • Factors affecting outcomes
  • Counselling approaches

Topic 5: Candidacy and assessment - Adults

  • Candidacy criteria
  • Evaluation process
  • Counselling approaches

Topic 6: Implant portfolio

  • How Cochlear implants work
  • Implant generations
  • Implant design and specifications
  • MRI compatibility

Topic 7: Surgical approaches & steps

  • Basic radiology & pre-implant evaluations
  • Importance of implant reliability
  • Analysing implant reliability data

Topic 10: Sound processor portfolio

  • Innovation in hearing technology
  • Optimising patient hearing experience with BTE and OTE sound processors

Topic 11: Sound processing Technology

  • Introduction to the basic signal pathway
  • Introduction to noise reduction technologies
  • Power of SmartSound® IQ with Scan

Topic 12: Connected care with wireless accessories

  • Overview of True Wireless accessories
  • Functionality of direct streaming
  • Benefits for recipients in challenging situations

Topic 13: Best practices in kit counselling

  • Importance of kit counselling
  • Planning and preparation for switch-on
  • Kit counselling timeline

Topic 14: Device registration, trouble shooting, care & maintenance

  • Guidance for troubleshooting
  • Care and maintenance resources
  • Ongoing care and support

Topic 15: Principles of Programming

  • Overview of CI Programming
  • Principles of electrical stimulation
  • Stimulation modes
  • Coding strategy

Topic 16: Workflow in the Custom Sound Pro Software

  • 5 steps to programming workflow
  • Custom Sound® Pro walk through
  • Features in Custom Sound® Pro software

Topic 17: Masterclass in CI programming

  • Patient care beyond programming
  • Best practices to write SMART goals
  • Individualised care plan

Topic 18: Maximizing outcomes of adult CI recipients

  • Importance of follow up appointments
  • Reconnecting to a world of sound

Topic 19: Optimising programming for a positive fitting experience

  • Initial activation
  • MAP optimisation and fine tuning
  • Hearing aid vs CI fitting
  • Master volume, bass & treble and comfort

Topic 20: Summary & wrap-up

  • Standard of care
  • Best practices in CI

Programme highlights

  • 4 in-depth modules with 20 learning topics
  • Online assessments and written assignments after each module
  • One recorded video lecture and one live session for each topic

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