Imarah is equipped for life

Thanks to her Kanso® implants, bilateral recipient Imarah can now hear clearly in both ears and is ready to attend a mainstream school just like the other children her age.

Imarah, a 2.5-year-old girl is a Cochlear™ Kanso® bilateral hearing implant recipient. She was diagnosed with hearing impairment when she was 8 months old. This was followed up with her first Cochlear™ implant at 14 months. While happy with the results, her parents wanted more and began to explore the possibility of another implant.

A little over a year later had decided and, Imarah had her second implant done and became a bilateral recipient. Equipped for life, she is on her way to integrating into mainstream society, thanks to early intervention and Cochlear™ implants!

This video is in Hindi and has English subtitles.


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