A young girl swings at playground with her parents in the background

Nucleus® CP802 Sound Processor

A sound processor designed to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life.

Durable design

Hear clearly and live an active life, worry free. The Cochlear™ Nucleus® CP802 Sound Processor is tough: made from titanium and medical-grade plastic. It's water resistant too.

Colour options

The Nucleus CP802 Sound Processor comes in a choice of two colours.


Nucleus CP802 BeigeNucleus CP802 Carbon

Designed with kids in mind

A girl wears her Nucleus water-safe accessory as she plays in the pool

Tough enough to keep up with a child as they learn, play and grow.

Peace of mind for parents

A young boy sits on his mother's lap

Parental control at the touch of a button.


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