Early intervention resources

Cochlear offers a comprehensive suite of resources to assist with listening and language development from birth to 6 years of age.

Sound Foundation for Children

Sound Foundation for Children is the third in a series of three resources designed to guide parents in helping their child reach age-appropriate spoken language through listening. This habilitation tool supports parents for the third 12 months following cochlear implantation when the child is implanted at 12 months of age. The intended age for this resource is 36 to 48 months chronological age. It is part of Cochlear’s HOPE comprehensive rehabilitation portfolio and follows Sound Foundation for Babies and Sound Foundation for Toddlers.

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Listen, Learn and Talk

A program that provides listening strategies to parents and professionals to enhance spoken language development.

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Track a Listening Child (TLC)

This comprehensive tool helps you track your child’s progress and ensure they are achieving milestones in a timely manner.

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LEAPing on with language

LEAPing on with Language is a great resource for parents and classroom teachers. This resource provides practical strategies to accelerate your child’s spoken language learning.

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10 Observation lessons

For professionals or parents working with children who have a cochlear implant, these lessons can provide some valuable insights into the auditory verbal process to bring a child to effective spoken communication.

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Other early intervention resources

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