Hybrid cochlear implants for adults

Hybrid cochlear implants may help you hear better, which improves your ability to hear music, conversations and all the highs and lows of life.

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What you'll find on this page

  • Why high-frequency sounds are important.
  • The benefits of hybrid cochlear hearing.
  • Whether hybrid cochlear hearing may help you.

Why high-frequency sounds matter

If you have high-frequency hearing loss, you may be able to hear some sounds, but not others.

These sounds are important for understanding speech. Without them, it can be difficult to talk on the phone or hear higher pitch sounds like a bird singing or a child's voice.

And because high-frequency sounds often hold the emotion in a conversation or make a moment special, you may find you're missing out on so much.

Get back the sounds you're missing

Hybrid cochlear implants – also known as electro-acoustic hearing – may help if you have low-frequency hearing but miss high-frequency sounds.

This hearing solution combines hearing aid and cochlear implant technologies to enhance your hearing experience and provide access to the sounds you're missing.

How does it help?

We design Cochlear™ Hybrid™ Hearing for people who need improvements in:

  • hearing performance in both quiet and noise

  • overall hearing satisfaction

  • understanding speech

  • sound quality

  • music appreciation.

Do you qualify for hybrid cochlear implants?

If you have normal to moderate low-frequency hearing loss, but severe to profound high-frequency hearing loss – hybrid cochlear implants may be a solution.

An audiologist will know if this solution may help you. In the meantime, take a short online quiz to help understand more about your hearing loss.

Could a bone conduction implant help you?

If you have single-sided hearing loss, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss, a bone conduction implant may help.

What are the benefits?

Research and decades of experience have shown that bone conduction implants can help people with these types of hearing loss. This can help you:

  • Hear even in noisy environments.2,3

  • Enjoy improved sound quality (compared to hearing aids) by bypassing the damaged part of the ear to reduce the amount of amplification needed to hear better.4

  • Enjoy improved speech recognition (compared to hearing aids).4 

Can you use bone conduction solutions without surgery?

Yes. Cochlear’s bone conduction solutions allow adults to experience all the benefits of a bone conduction solution before deciding whether to get an implant.

There are non-surgical ways of wearing sound processors that give adults the hearing performance they need.4 This will help you experience its sound and feel more prepared to make a decision on whether to get an implant.

Talk to your audiologist to find out more.


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