Otros accesorios

Existe una amplia gama de accesorios para el procesador de sonido Cochlear™ Baha® 3 Power (BP110 Power) que le permiten personalizar su procesador de sonido para adaptarlo a su estilo de vida.

Accessories for your Baha Sound Processor

Tapas de la pila de color

Baha 3 Power Sound Processor doors

Cambiar la tapa de la pila en su procesador de sonido es sencillo. Combine su estado de ánimo y estilo con el diseño de la tapa de la pila que prefiera. Elija de una amplia variedad de colores para la tapa de la pila estándar y de seguridad. Los niños también puede adaptar su procesador de sonido con una serie de divertidas etiquetas para la tapa de la pila.

Usar una tapa de la pila de seguridad

Baha 3 Power Sound Processor doors

To prevent the user from accidentally opening the battery door and exposing the battery, an optional tamper-proof battery door is available. This is particularly useful for children. The tamper-proof battery door should only be locked and unlocked using the specially designed tool included in the tamper-proof battery door kit to avoid accidental damage to the door. Contact your hearing care professional for tamper-proof battery doors.

To use the tamper-proof battery door:

  1. Make sure the screw slot is positioned vertically.
  2. Attach the battery door and slide it to its closed position.
  3. Turn the screw a quarter-turn clockwise to lock the battery door in the horizontal position.
  4. To unlock the battery door, turn the screw a quarter-turn anti-clockwise to vertical. The battery door can now be removed.

Baha Softband

For support instructions on Baha Softband, click here

The Baha® Softband is an adjustable elasticated band designed specifically for infants and very young children. With the Baha Softband, children can get access to sound before they are ready to get a Baha implant*.

  • Bilateral and unilateral models available
  • Soft, latex-free material
  • Safety release
  • Sliders for convenient adjustment - ability to adjust the length even between the bilateral adaptors
  • One size fits all
  • Several colours and styles are available
  • Baha Softband colors

Baha Safety line

Baha Safety line

When taking part in activities where you risk losing your sound processor we recommend using the safety line provided. Insert the line into the attachment point and fasten it to your clothing.

Note: The safety line should always be used when a Baha sound processor is worn by children.



*En Estados Unidos y Canadá, la implantación de un sistema oseointegrado no está indicado para niños menores de cinco años.