Only Cochlear can
nurture the mind of a potential president

Nurture your child's potential with the gift of A+ hearing

You want the best for your child

That’s why you’ve chosen to give your child the gift of A+ hearing.

You want your child to be able to talk, laugh, sing and live without compromise. You want them to have every opportunity to realise their dreams.

At Cochlear, we passionately believe that nothing but the best is good enough for your child. It’s part of the reason more than 450,000 people worldwide have chosen a Cochlear™ implant system. We have learnt from every one of these 450,000 experiences.

This is why we are now achieving outcomes that were considered impossible less than a generation ago by committing to one goal: to help people with hearing loss reach their full potential.

A potential rocket scientist

The Cochlear difference: A+ hearing

A+ hearing is only possible when you combine the four pillars of hearing performance; perfected over our many years as the global market leader. Our products and services have continually improved thanks to the experience shared by 450,000 Cochlear™ implant recipients we have treated since inventing the world’s first cochlear implant nearly 40 years ago.

Four pillars of hearing performance

A+ implants: the engines that help your child hear

You want to choose a cochlear implant system implant that is designed to give your child the best outcome.
This is a feat that every one of our implants works to achieve.

Our implants are designed for an A+ experience every step of the way:

Make surgery
smoother and easier

Protect your
child's anatomy

Provide immediate
confirmation of success

A+ care: support after surgery

The best implants are designed to support a smooth surgical procedure, and are built to stay with your child through every swing and roundabout of life.

Our implants robustly protect your child’s hearing health after surgery because they are designed to:

Stop your child needing
extra surgery

Last a

Let you Hear now.
And always®

A+ sound processors: the brains of the system

A+ hearing is critical to nurture your child’s mind. This is why we create our sound processors with the smartest technology on the market to reduce the ‘thinking effort’ needed to hear well in difficult environments. Our processors actually unburden your child’s brain, allowing them to focus on things other than their hearing – like realising their dreams.

Only Cochlear™ Nucleus® Sound Processors work with the brain to enhance hearing:

Work harder, so your child can hear with ease

Help them learn from
their experiences

Give your child a
super power

A smart processor that gives kids the result they’re after, A+ hearing.

A+ clinical care: better care, faster

In helping your healthcare team, we know we are helping your child. By reducing the amount of time our healthcare partners spend with our technology, we increase the quality time they spend with your child.

  • Peace of mind during surgery
  • Immediate access to sound
  • Streamlined programming
  • Wireless fitting
A potential surgeon

We support your clinics, so they have more time to support your child.

A+ support: our commitment is for life

You’ll feel a sense of family from the start of your relationship with us – and it’s a big family, one that has more than 450,000 members. Your child will benefit from what we have learnt from these 450,000 experiences to achieve A+ hearing and live their dreams.

  • Support with (re)habilitation
  • Access industry experts
  • Recipient support
  • Service and repairs
  • The Cochlear™ community
A potential Nobel Prize winner

Your family is part of our family, for life.