Only Cochlear lets you recapture the joy of
A+ hearing

We’ll look after your hearing health now, and always

Your hearing
is our world

Congratulations, you've made the decision to recapture the unparalleled joy of A+ hearing. We believe your right to good hearing is non-negotiable.

As industry leaders, Cochlear is now achieving outcomes that were considered impossible less than a generation ago through our commitment to one goal: to help you recapture the joy of A+ hearing.

The Cochlear difference: A+ hearing

A+ hearing is only possible when you combine the four pillars of hearing performance; perfected over our many years as the global market leader. Our products and services have continually improved thanks to the experience shared by 450,000 Cochlear™ implant recipients we have treated since inventing the world’s first cochlear implant nearly 40 years ago.

Four pillars of hearing performance

A+ solutions: you don't need to wait

Hearing aids only amplify the sounds you can hear. Hybrid Hearing also accesses the hidden sounds you've been missing out on. Every part of our Cochlear Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor is designed to let you take advantage of the hearing you already have.

Protect your
remaining hearing

Boost the hearing
you have

Adapt to your
changing needs

This has been a turning point in my life. I can hear on the phone again at work, but the best part is hearing birdcalls once more. I am full of gratitude for my Hybrid Cochlear implant.

Vanessa, Hybrid Cochlear Implant recipient.

A+ implants: the engines that help you hear

You want to choose an implant that's designed to give you the best outcome. This is a feat that every one of our implants works to achieve – while being designed to maximise your safety at the same time.

Make surgery
smoother and easier

Protect your

Provide immediate
confirmation of success

Continuing A+ experience after surgery

The best implants are designed to support a safe and smooth surgical procedure, and built to stay with you for life.

Prevent the need for
extra surgery

Last a

Let you Hear now.
And always®

Our lifelong promise is to continually improve so your hearing does too.

A+ sound processors: the brains of the system

We create our sound processors with the smartest technology on the market to reduce the 'thinking effort' needed to hear well in difficult environments.

Our Cochlear™ Nucleus® Sound Processors work with the brain to enhance hearing:

Work harder to hear, so you can hear with ease

Help you learn from
your experiences

Gives you
super hearing

A smart processor that gives you the result you’re after, A+ hearing.

A+ clinical care: access better care, faster

In helping your healthcare team, we know we are helping you. By reducing the amount of time they spend with our technology, we increase the quality time they spend with you.

  • Peace of mind during surgery
  • Immediate access to sound
  • Streamlined programming
  • Wireless fitting
  • Take control of your hearing

We support your hearing team, so they have more time to support you.

A+ support: our commitment is for life

Our commitment to hearing is so strong and lifelong that our implant recipients feel a special sense of family. It’s a family of more than 450,000 people worldwide – and everyone has been on their own hearing journey. You will benefit from what we have learnt from these 450,000 experiences to achieve A+ hearing and live your dreams.

  • Support with (re)habilitation
  • Access industry experts
  • Recipient support
  • Service and repairs
  • The Cochlear™ community

Your family is part of our family, for life.

My mum hadn’t heard clearly for over 10 years. After her switch-on, she said it was like winning the lottery. My father, myself and my five siblings are so lucky to have mum ‘back’ again.

Paul, son of a Cochlear recipient.