Status indicators

The Cochlear™ Baha® 3 Power Sound Processor (BP110 Power) is equipped with audible and visual indicators that provide you with feedback through the use of beeps and flashes. This section will show you how to interpret these signals.

Status indicators for your Baha sound processor

Interpreting status indicators (beeps & flashes)

  • When you turn on your processor, the visible indicators flash. If they flash orange, your sound processor is configured for the right side of your head. If they flash blue, your sound processor is for the left side.
  • Each time you press a volume button, the sound processor beeps. When you reach the default volume, two short flashes/beeps occur. When you reach the minimum or maximum volume level,a long beep/flash occurs.
  • When there is approximately one hour of battery power remaining , 2 beeps/flashes occur three times to let you know that the battery will soon need replacing. At this time you may experience low amplification. If the battery runs down completely, the sound processor will beep/flash and then stop working.
  • You can change programs by pressing the middle button when the sound processor is already on. The sound processor will beep/flash once for program 1, twice for program 2 etc.

Note: Your hearing care professional can disable the flashes and beeps if you prefer. However, the orange and blue indicators at startup cannot be disabled.


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