Changing battery

A good battery routine will ensure that your Cochlear™ Baha® sound processor never runs out of power.

Using batteries with your Baha 4 Sound Processor

Changing the battery

Make sure to use fresh zinc-air batteries, type 675 for your Baha 3 Power (BP110 Power) Sound Processor.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Gently slide the battery door downwards until you feel a “click”. You can now remove the door.

  2. Remove the old battery. Use the included magnetic removal tool if needed. Dispose of the battery according to local regulations.

  3. Remove the sticker on the ‘+’ side of the new battery (avoid touching the surface beneath). Insert the new battery with the ‘+’ side facing the ‘+’ sign marked on the processor’s battery compartment.

  4. Attach the battery door and slide it gently back to its locked position.

Recognising the low battery warning

When there is approximately one hour of battery power remaining , 2 beeps/flashes occur three times to let you know that the battery will soon need replacing. At this time you may experience low amplification. If the battery runs down completely, the sound processor will beep/flash and then stop working.

Using the battery tester

Baha battery tester

Place the battery in the tester, with the plus [+] sign facing upwards, and push it against the metal band. The display screen will then indicate how much power is remaining. The more bars there are, the more power the battery has.


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