Shirley Moss

Age: 68
Sound Processor: Nucleus 6, 2013

When Shirley Moss received her first cochlear implant in 1998 she cried when she was able to hear what the bank teller was saying to her. Fast forward to 2013, and Shirley’s ability to hear more clearly at noisy family events has been enhanced thanks to the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6.

“The Nucleus 6 automatically adjusts according to the sound environment I am in, which has been wonderful allowing me to move with ease from large family gatherings to quieter one-on-one conversations in the next room,” says Shirley.

The retired beautician and hairdresser began to lose her hearing in her early 30s and wore a hearing aid for nearly 20 years.

“As my hearing deteriorated, in so many ways so did my confidence. I wouldn’t use the phone, I felt isolated and even though I could hear people’s voices, I didn’t know what they were saying,” Shirley explains.

“My hearing loss meant it became hard to hear my clients so I was forced into early retirement and I gave up the work I had always loved doing.”

At 52 years of age, Shirley was fitted with a cochlear implant on her right side, and 11 years later she received an implant on her left side.

“The whole experience with Cochlear has been wonderful. Plus it’s clear that for the people who work at Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre, it’s more than just a job,” she says.

“I have always been very active either travelling with my husband or playing sport. I have gone from turning away from shop assistants who looked like they wanted to talk to me, to going to the cinema and listening to music in the car.

“The cochlear implant is as close to a miracle that you will ever experience.”