Cruz Lemming

Age: 8
Sound Processor: Nucleus 6, 2013

According to mum Tracy Lemming, Cruz is your “typical fun loving eight-year-old.”

“He’s very sporty and loves to play rugby and touch football. But because Cruz has suffered from deteriorating hearing since he was three, if he can’t hear the whistle when he’s playing a game, it makes it very difficult for him to join in,” says Tracy.

“The Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 System has made a huge difference for Cruz. He has been able to manage much better in environments where it has been traditionally challenging for him – including on the footy pitch.”

“After continuous stages of hearing loss, it is wonderful to have the reverse and witness how the advancement of technology is enabling Cruz to be able to hear better and better,” says Tracy. “The Nucleus 6 means Cruz can hear people talking when it’s windy or when he’s washing the car which were previously challenging for him. Cruz’s teacher has also noticed how much more responsive he is and she doesn’t have to repeat so much for Cruz to understand.”

Cruz is now also able to enjoy playing in the pool and attend swimming lessons thanks to the Cochlear Nucleus Aqua Accessory, Tracy says.

“Cruz has always loved the water ever since he was six months old playing in the pool at home. Now he plays in the pool with his brother or with friends wearing his Aqua Accessories so he can still hear using his cochlear implant. These accessories also enable him to attend his school swimming lessons with the rest of his class and be able to listen to the teacher.”

The Nucleus 6 is also helping Cruz develop an interest in music, something that would have been much harder before.

“Cruz asked for an electric guitar for Christmas and we’ve often found him strumming and singing to made-up tunes. He enjoys singing and dancing and for our own benefit, it’s wonderful to hear him sing in tune!” says Tracy.

The Nucleus 6 System processes sounds and adapts to a recipient’s different hearing situations for a more natural hearing experience. It is the only implantable hearing solution with SmartSound iQ®, the world’s most intelligent – and fully automated – sound management system.

“Not having to switch the processor according to the sound environment he is in has made a huge difference and means Cruz’s hearing is always optimized and he can get on with whatever he was doing be it playing football or listening in the classroom,” Tracy adds.