Bob's story

Bob says a cochlear implant gave him back his hearing and his life.

Recipient Bob miller

Bob says nothing prepared him for how good his hearing would become with a cochlear implant. In this testimonial, he reveals how people sound the way they used to, he can talk to his grandchildren on the telephone and he’s hearing sounds he’s never heard before. Bob calls the transformation “incredible” and says he’s communicating properly for the first time in 20 years. “My cochlear implant has given him back my life and it's freed up a lot of my wife's time because she used to have to do everything for me,” he says.  

If you’re considering a cochlear implant, take the time to read’s Bob’s inspiring story, and the stories of other cochlear implant recipients. We can also connect you with people who’ve been in similar situations, who can answer your questions and offer first-hand advice. Like Bob, they may also be able reassure you about the many incredible ways that treatment can improve your life.


Bob's story
When I received my cochlear implant, I was willing to accept anything to be able to hear something, but I wasn't prepared for it to be as good as it is. It has put me back in touch with who I used to be.

My Cochlear™ implant has given me back my life and it's freed up a lot of my wife's time because she used to have to do everything for me. But nothing, nothing that I read or heard after I was told I was a candidate, nothing on the Internet, people I talked with, nothing prepared me for how good this thing really is, nothing.

Everybody sounds like they used to sound, the way they should sound since the first day. And the audiologist warned me this will be your worst, and it was very mechanical, but within a couple of weeks, I was on the telephone talking with my grandchildren.  Just unbelievable!  My favorite sound is listening to my grandchildren.

The studies are out there and I hope, people just do their homework. I would have been very happy if I never heard any better than I hear now, but, you know, it just is worth rolling the dice and see if it works and then you get second one.

I anticipated hearing better in noisy situations and now I don’t have to worry about which side of the table I'm sitting on, which side of my wife I'm walking on, etc. It's life in stereo and you were given two ears for a reason.

I'll tell you, the sound, the sound is so fantastic. What's important is that you can communicate with people.


The very first night I had it, I went home and I stepped out onto our lanai and I could hear a sound and I said to my wife, "What is that?"  And she said, "It's the bats chirping as they are flying around the house."
I never heard that, never heard that. After 20 years I walk in and say I can talk to you now, I can understand you.

Definitely a gift. When I put this on, it's like putting on a pair of glasses for people anymore and I forget it's there.

The only time I'm aware that I'm wearing it is if I start thinking about it, but normally I go about my day and I'm not even aware that it's there. Getting a Cochlear implant is one of those things that you wish you'd done sooner.

I keep asking my audiologist, I’m still try to figure out, "Am I really, really lucky or are these things really, really good!?"


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