Personal stories

Meet some of our Cochlear Family – people who have a Cochlear hearing solution.

  • Geoff Read

    “I can communicate better with my grandkids…one cochlear implant was very good, but two is fantastic!” Learn More

    • Nucleus® 7 Recipients

      Hear what some of our recipients have to say about their experience with the Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor. Learn More

        Teens taking a selfie
      • Donna Brown

        "I feel confident that my quality of hearing is so good and directly related to the Cochlear technology I have been lucky to have accessed.” Learn More

          Donna Brown's personal cochlear implant story
        • Tobin Fonseca

          “I experienced a true miracle. My implant has far exceeded what I thought would be possible after losing my hearing.” Learn More

            Tobin Fonesca's personal cochlear implant story
          • Faye Yarroll

            "Having one Cochlear Implant was fantastic, but having two Cochlear Implants has been absolutely awesome and amazing." Learn More

            • Felicity Bleckly

              “When I was 52 and had been living deaf for many years I had a Cochlear Implant and within a few minutes of processor activation I was listening to sounds and understanding speech, things which I thought had been lost to me forever.” Learn More

              • Kelly Jenkins

                “Words can never capture the moment. Even with a Baha® on a headband I could hear so much more than I had for years. I knew it was for me and immediately booked in for surgery.” Learn More

                • Ray Hare

                  “Since receiving bilateral cochlear implants my hearing appears to have stabilised. I am now able to use a mobile phone (on to switch) with ease, which was not possible with hearing aids.” Learn More

                  • Dr Kiran Kinger

                    "I think Baha has given me a new life". Dr Kiran Kinger tells us how Baha® gave him hearing on his right side and the benefits it brought to his life personally and professionally. Learn More

                    • Jennie Brand-Miller

                      "Frankly I couldn't be me without my two cochlear implants." Jennie Brand-Miller shares her story of life with bilateral cochlear implants. Learn More

                      • Daniel Ho

                        "The cochlear implant has given me more than I expected." Listen to Daniel Ho telling his hearing journey and how cochlear implants made life a lot easier. Learn More

                        • Burn Reeve

                          "Would you recommend cochlear implants? It's worth it mate, go for your life!" Burn Reeve tells us how decision to get a cochlear implant at 75 and another at 81 changed his life. Learn More

                          • Grace Tern

                            "I think it really made her as normal as child can be." Born profoundly deaf, 10 year old Grace now has bilateral cochlear implants. Grace and her mother share their story. Learn More

                            • Chad Sexton-Fink

                              "I found it totally unusual to have sound coming from my deaf side." 65 year old Chad tells us how Baha® helped him with a single sided deafness. Learn More

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