The Nucleus® Smart App proves a valuable tool for busy parents

Using the Nucleus® Smart App, Arjan’s parents can monitor his personalised hearing information from his Nucleus® 7 Sound Processors.

For busy parents juggling work and family life, supporting the development of a child with a cochlear implant can be a challenge.
But for UK parents Aman and Sukhvans Sandhu, adopting the latest technology and understanding how to get the most out of it is playing a significant role in helping them to support their 16-month-old son Arjan who has bilateral cochlear implants.

Using the Nucleus® Smart App, Aman and Sukhvans can access Arjan’s personalised hearing information from his CochlearTM Nucleus® 7 Sound Processors and monitor how much hearing practise Arjan has had during the day.

‘We use the Smart App daily. Our favourite part is the app’s “Hearing Tracker”, as it gives us an indicator of how much varying sound Arjan is experiencing and how much time in speech he has,’ says his mother, Aman.

‘Because we both work the Smart App is invaluable. It keeps a record, no matter what Arjan is doing or who he is with. When he’s been at a nursery, for example, we can check the Smart App to see how much time in speech he has had. And we can adapt the evening or make plans for the next day if we need to give him more time in a particular listening environment.’

‘We make sure he has plenty of time on air every day – at least three to four hours in speech. So, we have a routine at home to make sure that happens,’ she says.


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