Warranty Coverage Upgrades

Cochlear Provides Extensive Warranty Coverage

In keeping with our promise to “Hear Now. And Always”, your Nucleus 6 System and upgrade come with a no-questions-asked warranty.

In the unlikely event that you have problems with ANY of your components, have peace of mind knowing they are covered under warranty.

   3-Year Warranty*
One-Year Warranty




90-day warranty

All other accessories, excluding zinc air batteries

*Applicable to all Nucleus sound processor and certain external components purchased as part of a Nucleus Implant System before January 31, 2013 ONLY or as part of a Cochlear Upgrade.

Loss coverage

Should your Nucleus 6 Sound Processor or any other component turn up missing while under the standard or upgrade warranty period, our loss coverage allows you to replace any one component once, completely free of charge.

The components that are covered are the sound processor, coil, cable, magnet, battery (battery cover/battery holder), and remote assistant (excludes all other accessories).

How to make a claim:

  • Fill out and submit the online form.
  • Canadian residents, use this form.
  • Download the full warranty and loss terms for the Nucleus 6 when purchased as part of a Nucleus Cochlear Implant Upgrade or as part of a Nucleus Cochlear Implant System before January 31, 2013.