The Baha® 4 Attract System is our newest way to connect with sound.

Baha Attract - Joanne Gardner
Baha Attract - Baha Attract System

The Baha® 4 Attract System is so remarkable, it’s almost hard to believe it truly exists. But it does. It is held in place by magnets that attract to one another, which create an invisible link between the implant and the sound processor, so there’s nothing breaking the skin.

How the Baha 4 Attract System works.

Baha Attract - How The Baha 4 Attract System Works

A small implant made of titanium is inserted in the bone behind your ear. The implant magnet is attached and hidden beneath the skin. A sound processor is then attached to an external magnet and attracts to the internal magnet. Sound is now transmitted as vibrations from the processor via the magnets to the implant, which then directs them through the bone to stimulate the inner ear.

For extra comfort, the Baha SoftWear™ Pad attaches to the external magnet, adapts comfortably to the shape of your head, and distributes pressure evenly.

Your invisible connection to hearing.

The Baha 4 Attract System is more than just a great sound processor. The internal and external magnets attract to one another to provide an invisible connection between the implant and the sound processor.

See how Tim Landsky looks with his processor on and off.

Baha 4 Attract - Tim Landsky - straight on
Baha 4 Attract - Tim Landsky - side view

Smarter hearing. Wireless freedom.

The innovations continue beyond the new magnetic connection to hearing. The Baha 4 Attract System when paired with the Baha 4 Sound Processor provides you with smarter hearing, wireless freedom and better hearing performance than ever before.1 That's because at the heart of the new sound processor lies the powerful Ardium™ platform — three times faster, and with eight times more memory than the previous generation. And the power doesn’t go to waste. It drives sophisticated sound technologies, true 2.4 GHz digital wireless connectivity and remote controls – perfect for anyone who is "on the go."

Meet some of the people who have been reconnected to the world of sound through the Baha 4 Attract System.

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