7 out of 10 people choose Cochlear.* That’s what happens when you perform small miracles every day for over 30 years.

You might think that after over 400,000 implants, we would start to take a little of this for granted. But that’s never going to happen.

Watching a child hear for the very first time or seeing an adult regain something they thought was lost forever is as moving today as it was the first time we witnessed it over 30 years ago.

Camille Masino, a Baha® recipient, said it best. “You shouldn’t have any worries because the implants will truly change your life.”

Now it’s time to change yours.

Contact A Hearing Specialist

Have your hearing evaluated by someone who really knows hearing, a professional audiologist. You’ll find out if you’re a candidate and learn about the best hearing solutions available. Click here, enter in your address and get the location of specialists nearest you.

Cochlear Concierge

Of course you have questions. Get the answers from people who have been there. When you talk to a Cochlear Concierge, you’re speaking to a licensed audiologist who is also an implant recipient or the parent of one. You just can’t get better advice.

We’ve made it very easy. Call 1-800-483-3123 and ask to speak to a Cochlear Concierge or email: Concierge@Cochlear.com.

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Get Insurance Support

Unlike hearing aids, hearing implants are covered by most insurance policies, Medicare and typically Medicaid. Also, the evaluations for hearing implants are usually covered as well. To make the process easier, our Insurance Support Team will help you navigate through the appeals process if you have been denied coverage. Call 800-633-4667 (option 4) to learn more.

“Go for it. Don’t put it off any longer than you have to. Enjoy life while you can because I know I wish I’d had mine a long time ago.”
Eldon Cook’s Cochlear Implant was activated in 2001.

Cochlear Americas is pleased to provide guidance on insurance coverage about Cochlear's products and technology, but please realize that this information is provided as guidance only. Cochlear Americas makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee regarding the fitness for your particular situation of the guidance provided or that following these guidelines will result in any form of coverage or reimbursement. Please be sure to consult with your health care provider to confirm the applicability of our guidance to your particular needs. And remember that all services or products billed to an insurance company or payer must be medically necessary, actually performed or purchased, and appropriately documented.



* Cochlear Americas [Data on file] 2012 March.