It’s no surprise 7 out of 10 people choose Cochlear.

There are plenty of great reasons. Some did it because we invented the world’s first multi-channel cochlear implant. Others because we’ve helped more people hear than all the other implant companies combined.1 Still others choose Cochlear™ because of our record of reliability – our Nucleus® CI24RE cochlear implant has a remarkable 99% reliability rating at 8 years.2 And our implant is up to 2 times more reliable than anything else available today*.2-4

But there’s one reason they all have in common. Our lifelong commitment. No one has advanced the science of hearing implants in the last 30 years more than Cochlear. And those advancements will continue. Having a world renowned hearing research and development center will see to that. And the best part is you will be able to use every breakthrough we create. That’s the promise we make when we say, “Hear now. And always”.

Find your own reason. Talk to members of our Cochlear Community and see what convinced them to join the 7 out of 10.5

“I got my implant and I was able to use my cell phone, I enjoy getting cell phones. Everybody laughs at me. I don’t want text messages. I don’t want emails. Pick up the phone, call me. And I’m much happier with that, because then I get a chance to listen again.”

Ann Dexheimer’s Cochlear Implant was activated in 2008.

*Based on 30 month cumulative failure percentage reported by the manufacturers


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