Nucleus® 6 Remote Assistant

Manage and monitor your hearing with ease.

Girl with the remote assistant

While the Nucleus® 6 System has been designed to adjust to your environment automatically, we understand that you may want to get more involved in managing and monitoring your own hearing.

The wireless hand-held CR230 Remote Assistant puts you in charge, whether you just want to check the status of the battery or if you would like solve simple issues without having to return to the clinic.


  • Intuitive full colour LCD screen.
  • One button check to monitor the status of the processor, battery coil and cable.
  • Adjust the telecoil settings for phone use.
  • Available in local languages.
  • USB port for future exchange of information with hearing clinic.
CR230 Remote Assistant

CR230 Remote Assistant - front

CR230 Remote Assistant - Front view description 1. Program button
2. Program button
3. Display
4. Lock-unlock slider
5. Program button
6. Program button
7. Home button
8. Left arrow button
9. Up arrow button
10. OK button
11. Right arrow button
12. Down arrow button
13. Pin for attaching lanyard

CR230 Remote Assistant - back

CR230 Remote Assistant - Rear view description 1. Personal identification label
2. Telecoil button
3. Speaker
4. Product information label
5. Coil guide for pairing
6. Hard reset button
7. USB cable socket

The two-way communication between the remote and the sound processor also allows you to see how your processor is working - the full colour LCD screen shows you, at a glance, which program or environment setting you are in at any time.


Nucleus® CR210 Remote Control

A discreet pocket-sized remote control, with a handy display screen allows you to adjust simple settings without touching your sound processor.

CR210 Remote Control

CR210 Remote Control - Parts and description 1. Volume or sensitivity
2. Program
3. Processor(s) paired
4. Telecoil button
5. On/Off switch
6. Next program button
7. Volume or sensitivity up button
8. Previous program button
9. Volume or sensitivity down button
10. Pin for attaching lanyard

Other indicators on your remote control

CR210 Remote control - Screen description 1. Telecoil on
2. Low battery in remote control
3. Accessory on
4. Auto telecoil on