Advanced Audiological Aspects of Baha

Learning outcomes:

This course is a follow-up to the foundation course on the audiological aspects of Baha. In this course the focus is on more challenging situation such as:

  • Fitting in children
  • Fitting the wireless accessories and FM systems
  • Improve your fitting: tips and tricks
  • How can apps be used in a daily practice
  • The super Power: challenge or opportunity
  • The use of datalogging
  • Case presentations

During the case presentations session the participant's own cases are presented and discussed with regard to fitting and overall case management. This session is particularly popular and each participant is encouraged to send it at least one more challenging fitting case.

Who should attend:

Acousticans and audiologists, who already have some experience with Baha and who want to expand their knowledge about different aspects of Baha.

Registration fee: 400 Euro, excl. VAT 

Max. number of participants: 20

How to register:

Please contact your Cochlear representative, or fill out the online form on this website or contact us directly via