(Re)habilitation Expert Skills: Child and Family Habilitation

This course will focus on working with families of children both pre- and post-implantation. Topics will include parent-child conversations, story-telling, binaural listening, bilingualism and assessment including diagnostic habilitation. 

The programme will be a mixture of presentations, demonstrations and practical sessions.

This day is part of a series of 4 courses in the same week. The four courses are scheduled to accommodate different professional specialties; when you register here, this is only for this particular course day. If you wish to register for the 4 days together, please click on the 'series' description' and register there. 

Who should attend

Professionals such as teachers of the deaf, speech and language therapists, hearing therapists, psychologists and habilitationists, who work with adult and/or child recipients in areas other than programming. 

Registration fee: 120 Euro, excl. VAT

Max. number of participants: 20

How to register:

Please contact your Cochlear representative or contact us directly via training@cochlear.com