CI Surgical Foundation Course Belgium

This course is organised in collaboration with the European Institute for ORL (Sint Augustinus Hospital) in Antwerp and Cochlear Academy, Mechelen, Belgium.

Learning outcomes:

This 2 1/2-day training will provide basic knowledge and skills required for CI surgery by means of a mixture of presentations, discussion and practical sessions. The course will include observation and commentary of a live CI surgery and offers all participants extensive hands-on practice during guided temporal bone practica and electrode insertion on both surgical insertion models and real temporal bones.  

The course will provide information on:

  • Surgical technique, from incision to electrode insertion, to closing the wound

  • CI assessment, selection considerations and criteria

  • Factors influencing patient outcomes including latest research

  • The complete Nucleus cochlear implant system product portfolio

  • An overview of the different stages in the CI process

  • Discussion forum with surgical faculty as well as participants’ cases

Who should attend:

Experienced ENT surgeons, who are new to Nucleus cochlear implants, who wish to learn more about CI surgery and get a better understanding of the entire CI process.

Registration fee: 700 Euro, excl. VAT

Max. number of participants: 11

How to register:

Contact your Cochlear representative, register online via the 'register here' button or contact us directly via