The Cochlear difference

Welcome to the Cochlear family.

When your child sets out on the journey of lifelong hearing improvements with a Cochlear system, you join our family too - a family that includes over 450,000 people who hear with a Cochlear implant system around the world.

It also includes a family of over 2,500 Cochlear staff that are passionate about hearing and take what they do very seriously. We employ some of the most skilled professionals from around the world with specialists in hearing technology, experts from different fields of engineering, audiology and speech and language pathology.

As a pioneer of implantable hearing solutions, we remain at the forefront of the industry and are constantly finding new and innovative ways to further improve your child's hearing. We make the largest investment in the industry into research and development of new technology for those who use our solutions today as well as future generations.

Our development program includes collaboration with world-leading experts in a variety of medical and scientific fields. We have more than 100 active research partners across 20 countries.

Wherever your child goes in the world, Cochlear is there to support them. Nucleus 6, like every Cochlear product before it for 30 years, is built on a commitment to lifetime support. Our solutions will continue to grow with your child, every step of the way.



  1. This figure relates to the total number of Nucleus and Baha recipients - an estimate based on Cochlear product registrations and sales statistics.