Upgrade to Nucleus® 6 System

Leap into a world of new possibilities

Upgrade to Nucleus® 6 System - leap into a world of new possibilities

As a Cochlear™ N22 implant recipient, from the very beginning you’ve been paving the way and setting the bar high for what can be achieved with a Cochlear™ Implant. Now we want to keep true to our promise, Hear now. And Always®. Our latest sound processor, the Nucleus® 6, is here to make your life even easier.

Introducing the Cochlear Nucleus 6 System

The Nucleus 6 system is our most advanced technology to date. It has been designed with a clear purpose – to let you leap into a world of new possibilities with A+ hearing.

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The Nucleus 6 System upgrade is now available for all Cochlear™ Implants.

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I am considering upgrading my sound processor to the Nucleus 6 System, what benefits will I enjoy?

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  • Hear with ease

    The Nucleus®6 Sound Processor features SmartSound® iQ processing technology that replicates the functions of a normal hearing brain, so you always automatically receive crisp and clear sound, wherever you are. SmartSound iQ’s SCAN function analyses the sound environment and automatically selects the best hearing program for the environment you are in, so you don’t have to think about it.

  • 轻松听音

    Nucleus®6 声音处理器以 SmartSound® iQ 处理技术为特色,该技术复制了正常的大脑听觉功能,所以,无论您在哪里,始终都能自动收到清晰的声音。 SmartSound iQ 的 SCAN 功能可以分析声音环境,自动选择适合所处环境的最佳听力程序,所以您无需考虑这一问题。

  • Giving you more comfort and discretion

    Nucleus 6 sound processors have an ultra-compact design making them the world’s smallest sound processors. We’ve also given you the choice of two sound processor sizes.

  • 提高舒适度和自由

    Nucleus 6 声音处理器采用超紧凑型设计,是全球最小的声音处理器。 我们还为您提供两种声音处理器尺寸供选择。

  • Enjoy true wireless freedom

    Our wireless accessories stream directly to your Nucleus 6 Sound Processor so you hear clearly in situations where even people with normal hearing might struggle. You can take a phone call in a busy train or stream a lecturer’s voice straight to your sound processor – cutting through the background noise.

  • 畅享真正的无线自由

    我们的无线附件直接向您的 Nucleus 6 声音处理器进行流式传输,所以,即使在听力正常的人们也难以听清的条件下,您却可以清晰听音。 您可以在喧闹的列车上打电话,或者将讲话者的声音——排除背景噪声——直接流式传输至您的声音处理器。

  • Added peace of mind around the water and outdoors

    With full water resistant rating and an advanced water-repellent nano coating, you can splash around the pool, experience the great outdoors or relax in the bath. Add an Aqua+ to make your processor completely waterproof.

  • 在水边和户外也可以无忧操作

    借助全面的防水性能和先进的防水纳米涂层,您可以在水池边尽情玩水,体验户外乐趣或者放松地淋浴。 添加 Aqua+,使处理器完全防水。

Upgrade FAQs

Visit the Upgrade FAQs page for answers to some common questions about upgrading to the Cochlear Nucleus 6 System.

To find out more about upgrading to the Nucleus 6 System, please contact your healthcare professional.